Can we treat the smokers lines?

We have learned that you can treat the smokers lines with Botox, at least avoid the dynamic wrinkels in this area but may be in cost of not being able to pronounce `b` and `p`. I would have choosen to have these wrinkels instead of walking around a bit disabled so I do not do Botox to this area. We do try to fill these fine lines very superficially with appropriate fillers but they won`t and can`t last long because of the enorm activity of this area (Woman do love talking:)). We have the same situation for the other wrinkels on the dynamic parts of our lower face.
At least we have a treatment for the static wrinkels (Wrinkels which we see without any movement) in this area, which is CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) aka Needling which we are going to discuss seperately.

I can`t frown but still have deep wrinkels there

Yes I know, you got your first Botox after fighting against and rejecting it for years, as your 54th birthday present and now you are expecting getting rid of them with few drops of Botox. Sorry Mum but it doesn’t work like this. Those lines and not wrinkels anymore. They got matured as you do and become a kind of scars. Your superficial skin layer got attached deeper and now even you can push it down, it doesnt want to get up.
Can we still get rid of them? Yes we can! First we need to try having your frown muscles rested for 8-12 months (2 Botox sessions back to back) and then if they are still there we may need to add some subcision (seperating your superficial skin layer from the layer that it has become attached over the years) with a needle and add some fillers under it as a support.