Suture Lift Scarless Procedures

Fillers vs Suspensions

Instead of comparing these two procedures I do almost always combine them. We need to understand that we have to lift and fill at the same time in order to get a stable, harmonic result.

Lift your eyebrows a bit

Eyebrow suspension lift can give to selected patients more feminine look. Over lifting should be avoided. “Less is more“ is also very important in these cases.

A temporal lift can correct many aging signs of the upper-mid face at once.

Suspension Lifts for Smile Folds (Nasolabial Folds)

I do prefer to lift cheeks back if smile fold (aka Nasolabial Fold) is deeper than 45 degrees.
I think that overfilled fold do just look fake and gives a filled mouth appearance.

Can you lift my nose please?

Yes we can! Sometimes it is just a fallen nose tip which makes your hump look more prominent.
Patients do have depressed nose tips from birth or caused by aging. With special suspension instruments we can lift nose tip in 15 minutes without any scars.

Don’t let your kid to be that guy in the classroom

We all know our classmate who had these several nicknames just because of his or her ear shape.
Correction of this kind of ear deformities should be done before school age in order to prevent bullying which can damage children psychology.