Jaw Line

Do you do Jaw Line?

Yes I do! But no I do not!
We do use fillers to sharpen the jaw line specially to camufulate the sagging tissue next to the chin area for the patients who have a moderate sagging and do not want to have any suspensions.
Yes we can create a sharp Jaw Angle with fillers and make you look like a model but no I am not going to be a part of this game. I am totally against dramatic changes of the face characteristics.

We as plastic surgeons have the responsibility to reject that kind of demands of the patients and motivate them to accept their natural looking face characteristics. It is a big discussion where this starts and ends. Of course we can do some subtle changes and get rid of unwanted features but sorry having a 120 degree Mandibular Angle (Jaw Angle) do not have any profit than making you look like the instagram model you follow.