Eyebrow Transplantation

If  you  have  lost  the  whole  or  part  of  your  eyebrows  after  an  accident,  you  might  want  them  back.  Eyebrow transplant surgery is a wonderful option for the restoration of your eyebrows. It is a minor and  comfortable  medical  surgery.  It  does  not  take  very  long,  and  is  performed  under  local anesthesia. The  hair  on  the  back  of  our  scalps  is  resistant  to  hair loss.  Body  hair  might  or  scalp  hair  is  used  for eyebrow transplantation. The hair on these parts (if they suit) are extracted and are transplanted in to the thinning parts of the eyebrows.  The transplanted hair will fall out initially, and regrow. A natural appearance is possible after getting an eyebrow hair transplant. The recovery time is fairly short – usually a week, and one can resume their  everyday  life.  The  transplanted  hair  on  the  eyebrow  area  needs  grooming because  the  head hair grows faster than eyebrows.  The operation is not a high-risk one, and effective results are very common. The aftercare does not involve much, and the results are permanent. A good eyebrow transplant is a more cost-effective option than microblading and makeup, and lasts forever.


For men;


Loss of brows because of burns,

Having thin and undefined brows,

Losing a part of the brow,

Low brows,

make your face and eyes appear tired and eyebrow transplantation operation can provide good solutions for such problems.


For women;

False cosmetic process,

Stress related eyebrow loss,

Genetic imaging and low eyebrow

Using wrong cosmetic products,

Brow loss due to high stress,

Genetically thin and low brows,

may appear undesirable.

Eyes and eyebrows are more important for women than they are for men. High brows make

women look more attractive and give the face a more dynamic look.

Some women spend a long time in front of mirrors trying to shape their brows.


We recommend brow resurrection to women who have thin or low brows or scars on brows.

Eyebrow transplantation is not a cosmetic treatment. Mostly, it is suggested when you have

scars or you are obsessed with shaping your brows.

Eyebrow transplantation should not be accepted as beautician service.

After meeting with your brow resurrection expert, they can tell you if you are suitable for it or not.

There are some methods to increase brow density before taking the step of eyebrow


Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure which involves the taking of the hair follicle cell from

the back of the neck and the transplantation of the extracted hair follicles to bald patches on the

brown or to the thin brow areas.