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As time passes, our skin shows the natural, inevitable signs of aging — wrinkles, sagging, and sun damage. But you can counteract those effects with several non-surgical cosmetic procedures available at our practice. Botox and other cosmetic treatments can smooth lines and wrinkles, raise sunken areas, tighten sagging skin, reduce blemishes, correct uneven pigmentation, minimize the appearance of facial veins, and produce fresh, glowing, youthful skin.

  • Scar Revision
  • Mole Removal


Eyebrow Transplantation
Beard Transplantation


Burns remain one of the most common injuries, and the majority of these are relatively minor.

This silent majority is often self-managed at home, at the General Practice, or perhaps with a quick visit to the emergency room. Whilst the functional outcome in these may be excellent, they can also result in itch, feeling of tightness, pain, and a difference in appearance. This difference in appearance may be due to colour (darker, lighter or mixed), differences in contour (raised or at times even sunken) and skin texture, and moisturisation.

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Scar Revision

Scars are the result of previous operations or accidents / injuries. They may either only affect the skin surface, as in the case of combustion / scalding, e.g. and then lead to a pigmentation disorder or change in texture, ie texture of the skin. Or they are all-layered, so go through all layers of the skin. Then they represent themselves as a bead, dent, flat line or white or red spot.


How can you treat scars?

Depending on what caused a scar and how it appears, or is perceived by the patient as disturbing, one selects the appropriate therapy.


Laser treatment / Dermabrasio

If a scar is raised, then a laser treatment or Dermabrasio can achieve a flattening and leveling into the skin level. You can not remove the scar by the laser. If the scar shows a pigmentation, ie dark or reddish discoloration over the years, it can be achieved in the favorable case with a suitable laser, an improvement in color.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrom
Trigger Finger Syndrom
Dupuytren Syndrom